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As a SKYGEN USA affiliate company, our vision is to reduce over-utilization and the cost of delivering therapy benefits for healthcare payers through an acclaimed reimbursement model and state-of-the art technology.

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Managed Care Organizations

Secure substantial cost savings with our unique, proven approach to therapy benefits reimbursement.

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  • ”The case pricing model is your differentiator. And the technology that your employees use.”
  • “The people of Holista are just delightful to work with and they have timely communication.”
  • “Holista is experienced and forward thinking.”
  • “Holista’s competitive advantage is the per episode of care pricing vs. the per visit pricing. The system is a differentiator too.”
  • “The folks I have dealt with at Holista have been really helpful and responsive, especially in the changes that we recently went through. I think we work really well together.”

Our Leadership

Craig Kasten

Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

Craig Kasten leads SKYGEN USA in creating next-generation technology-enabled solutions that power the business of healthcare through the digital age. Through his visionary leadership, SKYGEN USA leads the market with transformational technology and service offerings that reinvent healthcare benefits.

Mr. Kasten is an accomplished leader whose career in the managed healthcare industry spans 30 years. He is the founder and co-founder of several organizations which have evolved to become part of SKYGEN USA’s suite of world-class solutions. He also co-founded Doral Dental USA and grew the company to a market-dominant position before its sale to DentaQuest Ventures. Mr. Kasten continues to provide vision, strategic direction and creative support for functional design innovations to the Enterprise System, SKYGEN USA’s proprietary software platform.

Prior to launching his entrepreneurial career, Mr. Kasten served concurrently as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of CareNetwork, Inc., a publicly traded regional health plan later acquired by Humana. Mr. Kasten holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Marquette University and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has been licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Wisconsin.

Mr. Kasten was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2003. In 2005, he was named a Distinguished Alumnus by the Marquette University School of Business Administration.

David Dingley

President of Holista

As President of Holista, Dave Dingley oversees all aspects of SKYGEN USA’s therapy benefits management affiliate organization, where he has successfully implemented value-based contract administration for many clients. Mr. Dingley works with the team responsible for transitioning value-based contract administration and value-based strategic consulting into SKYGEN USA’s suite of world-class solutions.

Mr. Dingley has led Holista’s expansion into new markets and launched several successful new products in the therapy benefit management industry. Prior to joining SKYGEN USA, Mr. Dingley spent six years as Executive Director of Prudential Healthcare’s managed care plans in Kansas City, MO.

Mr. Dingley holds an MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Business, and is a graduate of Wabash College.

Michelle Spencer

Michelle Spencer

Chief Operations Officer

As Chief Innovation Officer, Michelle Spencer leads the team responsible for driving market innovations and increasing SKYGEN USA’s speed in launching new products and services in the marketplace. Ms. Spencer oversees efforts to identify, test, and launch new business opportunities with charter clients. She and her team also ensure new solutions are effectively transitioned more broadly into the SKYGEN USA organization.

Ms. Spencer brings a wealth of experience in the health benefits industry to SKYGEN USA. Previously employed by Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and a leading national managed care company, she gained invaluable experience in the areas of system conversions and financial audits. With her knowledge of computer systems and finance, Ms. Spencer has proven to be a strong and versatile team leader.

Ms. Spencer holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business with majors in Accounting and Management Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As a Certified Public Accountant, she also holds an MBA with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Chris Olejniczak

Chris Olejniczak

Director of Therapy Administration

As Director of Therapy Administration, Chris Olejniczak ensures that Holista serves as a valuable partner in helping clients and their providers drive business success. Under her leadership, Holista adheres to regulatory and client requirements in the areas of benefit payment, case management and disease management. She is responsible for developing and implementing best practices to ensure improved efficiency, cost effectiveness and exceptional service to clients. Ms. Olejniczak also oversees all finance, authorization, claim research and electronic billing staff.

With 16 years of experience in therapy benefit management, Ms. Olejniczak applies an extensive understanding of the industry to her work. She is an expert in statistical data analysis, using it to develop and maintain key performance metrics, and to evaluate trends in benefits management and human resources management.

Ms. Olejniczak earned an Associate’s Degree in Accounting from Milwaukee Area Technical College. She has completed additional education in the areas of just-in-time and total quality improvement business practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you find the information you need quickly, we've collected answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Holista.  Click on a question to have the answer drop down below.

Is Holista still connected with SKYGEN USA?

Yes, Holista is a SKYGEN USA affiliate company.

How does Holista work with SKYGEN USA?

We leverage SKYGEN’s Enterprise System and our unique per case pricing model to help MCOs gain substantial benefit cost savings in physical, occupational and speech therapy and chiropractic benefit management. SKYGEN’s technology supports Holista’s value-based reimbursement approach, and through automation, reduces administrative cost.

Will Holista’s products and services remain the same?

Yes, Holista will continue to offer our innovative, per episode of care payment model to deliver a lower cost of care and competitive advantage to our clients. We’re well positioned to add value for MCOs, and we expect to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Will my Holista teams stay the same?

Yes, and Holista’s company leadership has not changed.

How does your business model provide value?

Our business model gives therapists the authority to determine the best course of care for each patient, while our unique reimbursement program rewards clinical efficiency by eliminating the expense and hassles of utilization management. The result: Successful patient outcomes in fewer visits and lower costs, with high rates of satisfaction for both patients and providers. In addition, we’re able to tailor this business model to the unique needs of each client.

What is your software system called?

Our operations are built on SKYGEN USA’s Enterprise SaaS healthcare software. The Enterprise System is flexible, customizable, and optimized to fit our business model for efficient, low-cost administration.

Do you offer network development?

Yes, and we do it quickly and efficiently using the Enterprise System. After breaking down the provider recruitment, orientation, education and follow up process into component parts, we leverage technology to make each step easier and less labor intensive while focusing on improving the end result – a comprehensive network of providers that understand how to work with us successfully.

What can providers accomplish with your provider web portal?

The Provider Web Portal allows providers to enter and manage claims and authorizations, and immediately check whether patients are eligible for insurance benefits. Shortcut features that help streamline claim/authorization data entry are also available through the web portal.   

Can you really create a paperless process?

Yes. The Enterprise System is designed to support paperless workflows through web-based architecture, built-in document management system, and fully integrated self-service web portals. Our paperless environment is one of the fundamental ways we maintain low administrative costs.

Will we have transparency into operations?

Yes, through the Enterprise System’s Executive Dashboard, which provides authorized users access to comprehensive operational statistics and comparisons related to critical business areas. The web-based Executive Dashboard includes claim and authorization volumes and processing, member services metrics, and financial statistics and monitoring.

Who should I contact with questions?

Current Holista clients should feel free to contact their Holista team representative. If you are not an Holista client, please contact us at or 888.560.6855.

Holista, LLC

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