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American Therapy Administrators
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Cost Savings

Driving cost down with our acclaimed reibursement model.

American Therapy Administrators

With our innovative business model, Holista helps to significantly lower the cost of therapy benefits without sacrificing quality. We’re able to support cost savings on several fronts:

  • Benefit cost containment through our unique reimbursement approach, which decreases both the number of visits and cost per visit by aligning the incentives of all parties for appropriate care;
  • Administrative cost reduction driven by our business model, which does not require the daily administrative processes and oversight that are necessary under fee-for-service;
  • Administrative cost reduction through technological efficiency.

We believe this unique approach, optimized through cutting-edge technology, can produce better value for our clients and their members. Our track record demonstrates significant cost savings as one of the advantages to our approach.

Holista, LLC

N92 W14612 Anthony Avenue
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

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