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American Therapy Administrators
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Data Management/File Processing

Featuring cutting-edge functionality which supports compliance.

American Therapy Administrators

Holista provides state-of-the-art data management, file processing, and reporting with the Enterprise System, SKYGEN USA’s SaaS technology. The system is designed to feature:

  • Flexibility to customize data management, claims processing and creative reimbursement methods to meet the needs of individual clients;
  • Compliance with all federal and state regulation, as well as client requirements, for data security and privacy; and
  • Compliant encounter data management and reporting.

In addition, we have the technology and expertise to deliver customized reporting of accurate, timely and actionable data to our clients for business decision-making and oversight of Holista’s therapy benefit management.

Holista, LLC

N92 W14612 Anthony Avenue
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

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